Sunday, May 24, 2015

THE BIG WAR part three

In the summer 
When the bombs flew 
None of us 
Knew what to do  
The elite were nestled in their bomb shelter beds 
As visions of the new world order 
Danced in their heads  
The neutron bombs hit 
And wiped most of us out  

A bright flash in the sky 

And the survivors ran about  

Entire third world nations  
As the elite watched smiling 
Through their satellites in the sky 
No one suspected the end would come now  
Only a few had been watching    
And knew some how    
Billions wiped out 
In the final big war  

While cities still stand

As they had done before

The enlightened had warned us  
But we heard them not      
Wrote them all off  
As theorists and crack pots    
The armies came out 
When the smoke at last cleared  
To round up survivors    
And take them to camps  
Those who objected were swiftly snuffed out  
If only we had listened and not turned away  

Then we might have avoided The Big War part three  

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