Wednesday, April 22, 2015


A greener cleaner Earth
A gift we can give to future generations
More fresh water and cleaner air
To give them hopeful expectations  

A bigger brighter day  
We can create for those unseen
A longer healthier life  
In a world that's clean and green

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Genealogy Bug

The Genealogy bug has bitten 
And its poison entered vein  
Late night research sessions 
Lead to sleepy days again    

One find leads to another   
One generation to the next 
From country to kingdom  
Back through time 
I am travelling again     

My time machine is not a Tardis 
Though I often wish I had one
I travel through time with documents 
And sources and its so fun    

Great Granddaddies and Grannies  
Back through out the ages 
I visit all the Kings and Queens 
And Counts and Knights and Pages   

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Emerald Cat

Emerald Cat with a Cheshire style  
In the deepest shadows 
I see only your smile    
You disappear 
Whenever you please 
You laugh at us and 
Shout and tease 
Emerald Cat with your eyes of green 
You are the greenest thing 
I have ever seen. 
Why are you made of gemstone? 
How can you speak to me ?
Where did you come from?  
Cat of Emerald Green??? 


Sing a song of sixpence
 A Catcher in the Rye
 If Moe gets in your face you just
 Poke him in the eye
 When the bar was opened
 Coyotes danced and sang
 Two and a Half Men
 Followed by the Big Bang

Distinguished Poet Badge


My Distinguished Poet Award at Badges are given based on the number of points accumulated. The closest thing I will ever get to an award.