Sunday, October 26, 2014


Little Oprah Annie 
Went out for tricks or treats 
She was a witch again this year 
With pointy shoes on her feet 
Her little friend Nancy was a butterfly 
As they walked down the street that night 
A big house caught their eye 
It was large and spooky 
With cobwebs all about 
And a big old jack-o-lantern 
On the steps with eyes and mouth carved out 
As Annie walked the sidewalk 
Nancy fell behind  
Annie told her to come along 
And she heard a kitty whine 
In the distance a wolf howled 
Or maybe it was a dog 
Nancy turned and ran away 
As an evil laugh was heard in the fog 
Little Oprah Annie walked up to the door 
The call of all that candy 
She just would not ignore 
Her little hands trembled 
As she rang the glowing doorbell 
What would come to the door 
She really couldnt tell           

As the door swang wide 
She heard a growling dog 
And turned to see two glowing eyes 
In the distance by a log  
Screams came from inside 
And a shadow crossed the wall 
As a large witch with a pointy hat 
And green face came down the hall 
A little girl with a small dog ran out 
Annie did not know what to do 
As the witch came to the door 
And shouted "and your little doggie too/ 
Well, hello my pretty," 
Said the witch with a glare 
"Dont you look lovely tonight my dear 
Tell me who undoes your hair?" 
The witch reached behind the door 
And Annie thought to run 
Then the witch brought out a candy bowl 
And asked," are you having fun?"  
The candy bowl was full of treats 
Like candy corn and gum 
And the witch handed the girl an apple 
And said,"you look so very sweet"   
The witch invited her in for supper 
"The stove" she said,"is piping hot." 
Then Annie turned and ran away 
As far as her feet could be got 
She never looked back as she ran away 
But she heard the old witch cackle 
"Come back my dear!" the old crone shouted, 
"You forgot your apple!" 
Annie ran straight back home 
With Nancy right behind 
And they ran inside and locked the door 
Scared out of their minds! 

Happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

never good enough

i was never good enough for you
i was never really in your heart
and that is why it was so easy for you
to lie to me and depart
we were never ever we
we were only you and i
i was never ever on your mind
that is why you could so easily say good bye