Sunday, January 19, 2014

I do not like spam Sam I am.

No Sam I do not like spam. I do not like spam Sam I am. Notifications belong on the site. To fill my inbox with spam is not right.

Friday, January 10, 2014

You say you want a revolution

You say you want a revolution.
You say you want to change the world.
Are you willing to do whatever it takes
To free every boy and girl?
100 thousand voices are crying out.
Can you hear them call?
Injustice has become the norm
At the damnation of us all.

You say you want a bold new world
Where everyone is free.
You say you will do anything
To be all you can be.
To bring about this new age
Some people have to change.
Hypocrisy must go away
And never come back again.

Eye of the beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder 
Beauty is a heart thats pure and true 
Pretty girls are pretty on the outside 
Beauties are pretty through and through   


Life is like a play

Life is like a play 
a tragedy ending in despair 
in a dark corner of a dark place 
death waits for me there 
the plots move me along 
as each act passes by 
and then one day, in the final act, 
i meet my sweet demise 


family first

Friends turn on you and betray you. 
They have their own agenda and you are just a tool to them. 
Family however, is forever 
Friends move away and never call or write. 
Family is always there 
Friends steal your girl or your job or your games 
Family always have your back 
Remember your family and put them first 
They do the same for you 


what if you lost it all tomorrow?

What if u lost it all tomorrow, 
And u came home and it was all gone ? 
All your cd's and movies and clothing ? 
The couch and your copy of Pong ? 
What if u lost all your worldly posessions ? 
What would you have to take with u ? 
Would u have Jesus Christ in your heart? 
Or would u just be all alone and blue?   



Memories run thru my mind 
from time to time 
some good, some bad 
all flowing like wine 
like the birds 
they fly by and visit me 
experiences i've had 
that make me 


A kind word never goes unheard

A kind word never goes unheard
A true friend will be true til the end
A good song will stay with you all day long
A smart man makes as many friends as he can


your secret admirer

its hard to find the words 
to describe my love for you 
words like immortal, 
eternal, forever and true 

eternal beauty 
keeper of my heart 
love at first sight 
yes i've loved you from the start 

although you're way out of my league 
and don't know i'm alive 
my love for you is timeless 
and forever will survive 

how can we be together 
when you dont know i'm alive 
signed, your secret admirer 
forever and for all time. 

Broken pieces

u broke my heart and left me crying 
u stole my soul 
waltzed out the door 
u took my dreams and left them shattered 
broken pieces on the floor 

Lost love

You cant lose something that you never had. 
I thought that i had lost your love, 
And that made me feel bad. 
Now that time has passed 
I can see more clearly. 
You were only using me 
Altho i loved u dearly  

Creative thoughts

Creative thoughts 
Run thru my mind 
From time to time 
If i can find a pen and paper 
I can make them mine 
If not they are lost 
In the sands of time 
Creative thoughts 
Crash like waves 
On the shores of my mind 
If i can catch them 
I can share them 
Preserve them for all time 
If not they are lost 
And they may never again return 
Never be heard 
Never be mine 
Lost forever in time  


your love is to me 
all that a love should be 
and i will love you forever 
we're a family 
u and 3 kids 
and me 
and family we will be forever 
time will swiftly pass 
your love for me may not last but i'll be loving u 
and youll be a part of me 

A home without love

a home without love is just a house. 
a wife without love is just a spouse. 
a life without love is just a waste. 
a heart without love is empty space. 

dont waste your time

dont waste your time on someone who dont love you. 
dont waste your life on someone who dont care. 
dont waste your hopes on dreams that cant come true. 
dont waste your faith on things that arent there. 

money cant

money cant buy u happiness. 
money cant buy u love. 
money is the root of all evil, a message from above. 
money wont fill the emptiness. 
money wont fill the void. 
money wont buy u friends. just people who'll annoy. 

starting over

thought that we were starting over, but we're over. 
thought that we were getting somewhere, but we're nowhere. 
thought that i could be somebody, but i'm no one. 
thought that we were doing it, but we're done! 

Sounds of Torment

there'll be gnashing there of teeth... 
people sobbing in their grief... 
liars in the lake are burning... 
and the back-sliders are yearning... 
for the days before they turned away... 
and sealed their fates... 
these are the sounds of torment... 
and the people bowed and prayed... 
dear god save us from this fate... 
but they found it was too late... 
and they could not reach the gate... 
and the people saw their loved ones 
rejoicing around the throne... 
and, in pain, they groaned... 
these are the sounds of torment... 



once i was hunted by nazis 
altho i'd done nothing wrong 
once i was hunted by romans 
and forced to kill to live on 
once i was hunted by christians 
they threw me in the river 
cause someone said i was a witch 
unfortunately, they were wrong 
once i was hunted by americans 
they thought they could own me, 
like i was a song 
these days i'm not so often hunted; 
just hated and discouraged from being me 
once i was hunted 
not now 
but tomorrow who knows what may be? 

Iron bars do not a prison make

Iron bars do not a prison make. 
Nor plaster walls a home. 
I am here with you every night, 
And yet im all alone. 
It takes love to 
Turn these plaster walls 
Into a home. 
Without that, 
We're just 2 people 
Living together 
july 2001 

The Greatest Masterpiece

some say that Davinci was an artist quite rare. 
i say the greatest work of art is far beyond compare. 
tho we know the thinker was a sight to behold, 
beside the greatest masterpiece all bets would fold. 
driving a fast car is a pleasure indeed. 
roses are as nice as riding a steed, 
but the greatest pleasure comes from what u see, 
look at the greatest masterpiece and you'll agree. 
the greatest masterpiece is everywhere. 
look around the world, you're sure to see one somewhere. 
nothing is more beautiful than this work of art. 
if u are good to her, u might just win her heart. 

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones 
On the river of life 
We leap from one to the next 
Hoping not to fall in 
And get swept away by the rapids 
Swept into the abyss 
And lost forever  

Alone again

All my life I have been looking for some one so I wouldn't be alone.
I thought I found some one special but I woke up and she was gone and I was alone again; alone again.

Ten years pass; they go by so fast. I was struggling to build a home; turn around and she's leaving town, and I'm here on my own; yeah, I'm alone again; I'm alone again.

Alone again; started out with nothing; ended up with nothing; I'm alone again.That's the way life goes; women come and women go, and you're alone again.


Little Buddha

A lil fat man sits on the counter at a nail salon. I see it as i wait for my daughter. He is so big and funny looking he makes me smile despite my lousy day. The path to happiness begins with a smile.